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What is In-Mold Labeling?
   In-mold labeling is the process of inserting a label made from various substrates, die cut to size or preformed, into the mold prior to injecting resin. The label bonds to the surface of the molded part when a thin layer of the label re-melts and solidifies with the resin of the part. Some labels are made from a micro-porous material and the resin flows into the pores of the label bonding the label to the part.

Why Use In-Mold Labeling?

  • Branding
  • Durability
  • Permanence
  • Add value to product
  • Safety Messaging
  • Shelf Presence or Point of Purchase appeal

Advantages of IML

  • Labels can be printed in offset up to 8 colors
  • The labels are made from PP film which is an excellent medium for high resolution and photo-realistic image production
  • Choose between matte or high gloss, partially transparent or full printed, smooth or textured surfaces. It is also possible to fully or partially cover the pack.
  • As the injection and labeling is done in a single step process, therefore, it is not possible to remove or replace the label as it is permanently bonded to the pack.


Please contact us for further information regarding available sizes, label decoration and any other inquiries.